Bio For Marcelo Bigliassi, Ph.D.
Marcelo Bigliassi, Ph.D.

Dr. Bigliassi is a tenure-earning assistant professor of psychophysiology and neuroscience in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Florida International University, USA. His work integrates psychophysiological (electroencephalography [EEG], functional magnetic resonance imaging [fMRI], functional near-infrared spectroscopy [fNIRS], electrodermal activity [EDA], and heart rate variability [HRV]), psychophysical, and affective measures to further understanding of psychological phenomena during execution of movements. He has published over 50 research studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals, delivered several guest lectures in national and international conferences, and published hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines. He has also been awarded on several occasions in the UK, US, and Germany, and is an advisory board member of the Society for NeuroSports. Dr. Bigliassi is a guest editor for Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology and active reviewer for over 30 prestigious periodicals such as NeuroImage, Neuroscience, International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Psychophysiology.