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The Journal of the Society for NeuroSports is an open-access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. The Journal accepts manuscripts that address both neuroscience and exercise science. This includes manuscripts that use human or animal models. 

To submit a manuscript, please head over to https://nsuworks.nova.edu/neurosports/


William Kochen, Nova Southeastern University

Editorial Board

Allison Brager, United Stated Army Recruiting Command

Darren Candow, University of Regina

Kristen Craven, National Library of Medicine

Scott Forbes, Brandon University

Ellen Glickman, Kent State University

Stephen Lippi, Angelo State University

Henriette van Praag, Florida Atlantic University

Society for NeuroSports Research Hub

In this release, you can access the latest sports neuroscience research from our Board of Directors.

Stay tuned: future iterations will also include data from the Journal of the Society for NeuroSports.

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